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This is the new version of the JCSE system, now available on One major change that has been made is to require all readers to register and log-in in order to access the Journal. This has been done so that we have a record of who has accessed each paper, and we shall use this to ask readers to give a brief review of papers that they have accessed. Registration is completely free.

Please notify any problems in accessing the new version by email to .

The development web site, located at, has been closed to allow the development of a major new version of the JCSE software. This should not affect access to the production site (, but it is possbile that there are some inadvertent references to the development site.

If you experience any errors in accessing JCSE, please contact Bob Cottis with as much information as possible on the nature of the problem. If the error involved an address of the form you may be able to work around the error by changing 'net' to 'org' in the address.

If you wish to communicate with us, please include "JCSE" in the subject line of your message, as this helps to identify JCSE messages amongst all of the junk mail.