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This is the new version of the JCSE system, now available on One major change that has been made is to require all readers to register and log-in in order to access the Journal. This has been done so that we have a record of who has accessed each paper, and we shall use this to ask readers to give a brief review of papers that they have accessed. Registration is completely free.

Please notify any problems in accessing the new version by email to .

We are in the process of switching to a new version of the JCSE software. This will involve significant changes to the main database, nnd in order to avoid problems we have shut down the paper submission process. You should still be able to view papers until the change-over occurs. Exisiting registrations should be unchanged, but anyone registering after today may need to re-register on the new site. Thank you for your patience.

If you wish to communicate with us, please include "JCSE" in the subject line of your message, as this helps to identify JCSE messages amongst all of the junk mail.