Introduction to the New Version of JCSE


The primary objective of the recent (January 2008) changes to JCSE is to automate the handling of the paper submission and review process in order to reduce the long delays that we have been experiencing in the processing of papers.

Major Changes

The major changes to the format of the Journal are


It is now required for readers to register in order to read papers in JCSE . This will allow us to request brief reviews of preprints and published papers from readers; these will contribute to the review process for preprints and will provide a reader rating for published papers.

Browser requirements

Your browser needs to be able to handle Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). As far as possible we have used the basic set of Javascript commands, and pages should be viewable from recent versions of any of the standard browsers (i.e. version 4 or above of most browsers) - please let us know if anything appears not to work properly, giving as much information as possible about the system that you are using.


We should welcome any comments that you may have on these changes. Please send your comments as a email message to .