Preprint policies of other Publishers

In order to assist authors who are thinking of placing a preprint of their paper in JCSE, we have collected information from some journals and publishers about their preprint policy. We do not guarantee that this information is completely up to date, and it is an author's responsibility to check the current situation for a journal that they are submitting a paper to. A useful site that summarises larger publishers' policies towards self-archiving and preprint publication is available at Project Romeo.

Note that many Journals require that preprints are published on an individual's web site or that of their institution. We can publish only a link to such a preprint, without holding the document on the JCSE site, and as far as we are aware this would comply with such a requirement.


Elsevier (Corrosion Science, Electrochimica Acta and many other journals) permits preprint publication, and permits preprints to remain on the preprint server when the paper is finally published (but they do not want the preprints to be updated to match the published paper). Look at and click on 'Copyright Information'.

The Royal Society

The Royal Society (Proc. Roy. Soc.) permit preprint publication and permit preprints to remain on the preprint server when the paper is finally published.

Taylor and Francis

Taylor and Francis (Philosophical Magazine and many others) - we are waiting for a response (but see the information in the Romeo list, which suggests that preprint publication is permitted).


NACE (Corrosion Journal, Materials Performance) - NACE regard preprint publication as prior publication and have stated that they would regard such prior publication as preventing  publication in Corrosion Journal (even though their copyright statement implies that prior publication is permitted).

Electrochemical Society

The Electrochemical Society (J. Electrochem. Soc.)  -  we are waiting for a response from ECS (but see the information in the Romeo list, which suggests that preprints can be published, but must not be updated to match published version).

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

IoM3 (British Corrosion Journal, now Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology) - waiting for a response.


If anyone has any other publishers that they are interested in we should be happy to pursue this question with them. Alternatively, please let us know if you find any publishers that appear to be 'difficult' and we shall see what we can do to persuade them to change their mind!

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