Review Procedures

From Volume 4, the review process is moving towards a more conventional invited review process, as the commentary process has not yet become sufficiently widely used.

On submission, papers will be published in Preprint form. This will use a direct production of a PDF file from the text supplied, with no editorial modification (although the Editor reserves the right to reject papers for any reason - this will normally only be done in the case of papers that are illegal, indecent or trivial). Two referees will be invited to review the Preprints (and it will also be possible for any reader to comment on the Preprints).

On receipt of at least one of the invited reviews, authors will be invited by the Editor to respond to any substantive comments, and, if necessary, to submit a revised paper. At this stage it will also be required that the paper meets the JCSE formatting guidelines. On receipt of any corrections, the paper will be converted to HTML for full publication. Once full publication has occurred, the paper may not be changed, although comments may be attached to it by the authors to correct minor errors. Further information on the mechanics of the review and publication is available.

It is permitted for authors to submit a revised version of a paper, in which case it will be subjected to the same review procedures as the original paper. The original version of the paper will be retained for the record.

Guidelines for Reviewers

The objectives of the review process are:

Reviewers are requested to use a standard form, which can be downloaded here, or to include the information requested in the form in their report (particularly the selection of the outcome of the review). JCSE is intended to be an 'open' Journal in all senses; in particular it aims to be open to new ideas, and reviewers are specifically asked to be open to papers that choose to differ from conventional wisdom in some way - such departures from convention can be challenged openly by readers (and, after publication, by reviewers if they wish) through the comment process.

Public Review

From March 1999 up to the end of Volume 3, JCSE adopted a public review procedure. This has been superseded by the procedure indicated above, but the procedure is available for the record.

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