Volume 23:

Please note that papers are now being published in preprint form as PDF files while they are being refereed. Papers may also be published in preprint form when they have been submitted to other Journals. In either case readers should appreciate that a preprint is not a formal publication, and it should not normally be referenced until the final paper has been published. In order to read the preprints you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system; you can obtain this from the Adobe Web site. Full papers with comment facilities will be published following refereeing.

Preprint 9 Synergistic effect of hybrid graphene oxide-aluminum dihydric tripolyphosphate in epoxy‐based anticorrosive coatings
Weiqiang Song

Preprint 12 Effect of w/c ratio on the corrosion of rebar embedded in high strength concrete
Hema sumanth. B and Vasugi. k