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Volume 2 Extended Abstract 5

Submitted 26th August 1999

Corrosion protection with Organic Metals - Ennobling and Passivation Effect Theoretically and Practically

Sabine Schröder 
Ormecon Chemie GmbH & Co. KG, (Zipperling Kessler & Co), Ammersbek, Germany  

Keywords: Conductive polymers, Anti-corrosion, Organic coatings


Organic Metals as a new materials class provide a unique set of new properties. Besides other interesting application fields, where Organic Metals offer totally new options for future oriented products, they are also successfully used for corrosion protection purposes. Coatings based on dispersions of Organic Metals are able to meet high demands and are outperforming even the best conventional anti-corrosion coating systems. The scientific fundamentals of these materials class and their superior performance in corrosion protection - based on ennobling and passivation - is as well presented as practical examples and prospects for future applications in this and other areas.

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