Volume 23 Preprint 82

Effect of arc remelting on Microstructure and pitting corrosion resistance of 441 ferritic stainless steel

Shuangchun Zhu and Biao Yan

Keywords: Ferritic stainless steel, pitting corrosion, arc remelting, precipitate

<p class="MsoNormal" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-size: medium;">In this paper, the microstructure of 441 ferritic stainless steel after self fusion welding is prepared by multi arc remelting. The pitting corrosion resistance of base metal and arc remelted metal is compared through pitting corrosion immersion test. The microstructure changes of 441 ferritic stainless steel after arc remelting and its influence on pitting corrosion resistance are studied through metallographic structure observation, precipitate analysis and corrosion pit surface observation and analysis.The results show that, compared with the base metal, the grains of arc remelted&nbsp;metal&nbsp;structure grow abnormally and form coarse ferrite columnar structure; there are large particles of carbonitride&nbsp;precipitates of&nbsp;Ti and Nb and small particles of Laves precipitates&nbsp;containing Nb&nbsp;in the base metal, and the precipitates in the arc remelted metal&nbsp;are smaller and more evenly distributed, most of which are composite precipitates&nbsp;of Nb and Ti.&nbsp;The corrosion rate of base metal is 23.4 g·(m<sup>2</sup>·h)<sup>-1</sup>. After arc remelting, the corrosion rate of metal is 20.88 g·(m<sup>2</sup>·h)<sup>-1</sup>, and the pitting corrosion resistance is improved.</p>

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