Volume 19 Paper 3

Corrosion Analysis of Friction Stir-Welded Brass-Brass and Copper-Copper Samples

V Ajay Kumar, K Pavani and K Mahesh

Keywords: Friction stir welding, corrosion, polarization, Hardness, microstructure.

Friction stir-welding has become widely practiced in the fabrication of light-weight structures requiring high strength-to-weight ratios and superior corrosion resistance. The friction stir-welding (FSW) process and tool parameters play a key role in determining the joint’s characteristics. In this paper, Copper-copper and brass-brass plates were welded using friction stir welding machine at same rotational and transverse speeds. The corrosion resistance of a friction stir-welded copper-copper and brass-brass with parent copper and brass samples respectively were studied via polarization and weight loss method. The microstructures were examined to observe corrosion resistance. Lieca optical microscope used to obtain the microstructures of parent, welded and corroded samples.EDS was conducted to know elements present in the parent metal.

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