Volume 19 Preprint 10

Estimation of Corrosion Products and Inhibitor Films Contributions to Total Protective Effect

Roman Kashkovskiy

Keywords: corrosion inhibitor, film, interfacial effects, hydrogen sulphide, amine

Film of corrosion products (CP) often has got certain protective properties and leads to significant decrease in corrosion rate. In case of corrosion prevention an inhibitor is adsorbed on CP film, but corrosion retardation is usually connected only with the presence of inhibitor layer on metal surface without taking into account protectiveness of CP film. Such omission leads to inaccurate estimate of the inhibitor`s protective effect. To exclude this mistake, three different methods for separate estimation of CP and inhibitor films contributions to the total corrosion protection are used in this research. Comparison of the method results is conducted by example of hydrogen sulfide corrosion (HSC) inhibition.

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