Volume 23 Preprint 43

SRB Induced Corrosion on Mild Steel against Tin Coating With Response Design Parameters

ANAND B, Vidyadharani G, Sivaperumal G and Loganathan S

Keywords: TEPA, Resorcinol, Electroplating, Tin plating, SRB

The aim of the study is to prepare a standard tin gluconate bath at optimum pH of 6.0 ± 0.5. Using various additives like resorcinol, TEPA, and Dextrin which shows a wide range of matte tin deposit. In the presence of additives current efficiency of the tin bath was significantly improved. The selected additives significantly improve the throwing power. Corrosion study was revealing that increased corrosion resistance in an alkaline medium at different concentrations. By mass loss method the results were confirmed. Based on the studies 1M NaCl shows better efficiency than 2M NaCl. Surface Morphological studies (SEM) were also confirmed the results.

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