Volume 23 Preprint 54

Materials and anticorrosive developments in offshore and subsea oil and gas production

Michael Sizyakov

Keywords: Offshore pipelines, stress corrosion cracking, local corrosion, corrosion protection, corrosion-resistant alloys, nano-sized cracks at the grain boundary

<p>The ever-increasing energy demand requires oil exploration and its safe, profitable exploitation from the unconventional reserves. As oil resources become more and more heterogeneous, the expansion of various methods of extraction and processing is required, including under extreme conditions, such as high pressure in an aggressive marine environment and low temperature. The review considers factors affecting the resistance of oil and gas pipes to corrosion in the marine environment, the issues of hardening and doping of corrosion-resistant alloys for use in the marine and underwater environment while expanding the boundaries of application of traditional technical alloys, and further studying the mechanisms of corrosion and crack propagation, which can lead to failure and destruction of equipment. The study of nanoscale corrosion, analyzed in this article, can have a profound effect on the decomposition characteristics of materials applicable to the entire industry.<br></p>

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