Volume 23 Preprint 62

Design and Analysis of Low Density Mg-6Zn-4Cu-2Ca-1Mn alloy for Automobile Structures

PARAMESWARAN P, Saravanan Sekar, Malathy Paulpandi, Rameshbabu Rameshbabu, Susheela N and Navaneethakrishnan G

Keywords: Mg-6Zn-4Cu-2Ca-1Mn, Characterization, Mechanical Properties, uniform corrosion, SEM & EDS morphology, Electronegativity

<p>Stir-casting was done for manufacturing of Mg-6Zn alloy by adding Ca, Cu and Mn in micron sizes (44 microns).&nbsp; The phases formed and the surface morphology was analyzed with scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), X-ray diffraction (XRD) followed by mechanical tests.&nbsp; The different phases found in the alloy enhances the strength of the material. When compared with other heat treated, RE included and mechanically worked alloys, Mg-6Zn exhibits better result. During the solidification process grain boundaries are formed due to higher denser intermetallic, thus the corrosion result proves as a better option for the alloys to be used in vehicles structural elements.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></p>

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