Volume 23 Preprint 72

Shape Monitoring of Leakage Hole of Water Pipeline Based on Negative Pressure Wave and in Gas Field

Xiao Li, Jingdong Chen and Wenyan Zhang

Keywords: Negative pressure wave, Flow balance, Water pipeline, Leakage hole, Shape monitoring

<p class="MsoNormal">With the development of gas fields entering the middle and late stage, the water production of gas Wells is increasing. Water pipeline is a common way of water transport in gas field. If the pipeline leakage will affect the environment, life and property, leading to the reduction of natural gas production. Under the same working condition, the positioning accuracy and response time of different leak hole shape monitoring by using negative pressure wave and flow balance for gas field water pipeline are studied. In this paper, a simulation model of different leak hole shapes is established and compared with the experimental results obtained from different leak holes. The internal flow field of the colleague's pipeline was simulated and analysed, and its changing law was obtained. The research results show that: when leakage occurs, the shape of the leakage hole is closer to the circle, the negative pressure wave and delivery balance technology will be more accurate in its positioning, and the response time will be shorter; rectangular and equilateral triangle leakage hole shapes have the greatest impact on pipeline leakage.</p>

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