Volume 23 Preprint 73

Corrosion analysis of LM13/ZrSiO4/C Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites

Ravitej y p

Keywords: Potentiostat , Non -Chill , Chill end, Unidirectional solidification, Zircon particles.

<p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:justify">In this research article, preheated (200°C) Zircon is added to Aluminum alloy (LM13) in terms of 3wt. % and Carbon (3wt. %) is maintained constantly. Specimens are prepared using the stir casting process and to place the copper chills at one end of the mold to obtain unidirectional solidification. So Lm13 with 0Wt.%,3Wt.%, 6Wt.%, 9Wt.%, and 12wt.% of Zircon / 3Wt.% of Carbon specimens are obtained at both copper chill end and non-chill end of the mold. Specimens are tested for tensile and hardness, results show that properties of the composite specimens increase for the addition of reinforcements till 9Wt. % and then it decreases. Minimal and better properties are found for Zircon content (0Wt. %, 9Wt. %). Hence Specimens of Zircon content (0Wt. %, 9Wt. %) for chill and non-chill end are evaluated for corrosion test using potentiostat apparatus. Corrosion analysis reveals that 9Wt. % copper chilled specimens provide better Corrosion resistance. Finally, corroded specimens are observed under an optical microscope to evaluate the surface morphology of the exposed surface of the specimens. It is observed that 9Wt. % of Zircon shows minimum pitting than other specimens.</p>

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