Volume 23 Preprint 84

Enhancement of Pitting Corrosion Resistance of 304L Stainless Steel in Simulated Marine Environment and Body Fluid Solutions

Gopinath Shit

Keywords: Stainless steel; chloride; pitting corrosion; electrochemistry; materials issues and radiation

<p class="MsoNormal">Chloride ions in the marine environment and body fluid solutions are the leading cause of pitting corrosion in stainless steel (SS). In this study, pitting corrosion of SS 304L was prevented by using grain refinement and gamma-ray irradiation. A solution annealed SS 304L was 90% severe plastic deformed at liquid N2 temperature, followed by annealing, and gamma-ray irradiation was performed separately. Further, a series of electrochemical corrosion tests were carried out in a simulated marine environment and body fluid solution to check the resistibility against pitting corrosion. Breakdown potential due to pitting was observed for all samples in both solutions, except for the gamma-ray irradiated rolled specimen. Pit size and morphology were characterized by using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM).</p>

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