Volume 15 Preprint 9

Corrosion Inhibition of Medium Carbon Steel in Sea Water by Water Hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes) Leaves Extract

Oloruntoba, Daniel.T., Abbas, Jenny A. and Olusegun, Sunday J.

Keywords: corrosion inhibition, medium carbon steel, electrode potential, water hyacinth, sea water

Corrosion is the engineer’s greatest enemy as water hyacinths are also weeds which grow on the surfaces of water bodies posing dangerous threats to aquatic lives and water transportation. Since both corrosion and water hyacinth are threat to the environment this paper sought to use one environmental menace (water hyacinth leaves extract) as an inhibitor to curb corrosion; another environmental menace. Samples of carbon steel were subjected to sea – water environment with the inhibitor at varied concentrations for an exposure period of forty – five days. Corrosion was examined using weight loss and electrode potentials techniques. The result showed that as the concentration of the inhibitor increased, the severity of corrosion reduced on the carbon steel. The pH of the sea – water which initially was neutral was observed to slowly progress to alkaline after five days, contributing to the reduced corrosion rates of the samples as the exposure period increased. It was observed that the steel sample inhibited with 20ml of 20g of the inhibitor gave the highest inhibition efficiency of 98.68 % in during the exposure period. It was concluded that water hyacinth leaves extract effectively inhibit corrosion of medium carbon steel in marine environment.

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