Volume 16 Preprint 8

The prevention of corrosion and corrosion stress cracking on structural members of fixed deep sea oil rigs

Liam Denham, Zulfiqar Khan

Keywords: Corrosion, Corrosion Prevention, Corrosion Stress Cracking, Corrosion in the Oil Industry.

The effect of corrosion and corrosion stress cracking on deep sea oil rigs are costing the oil industry millions of pounds a year. Failures caused by corrosion have been a problem for hundreds of years and constantly put lives at risk. The solution presented in this paper aims to reduce the effects of corrosion on the structural members of a deep sea oil rig; firstly by reducing the corrosion rate and secondly by reducing the effects of corrosion stress cracking. This paper shows how I have achieved this through changing the composition and manufacturing process of S355 steel.

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