Volume 1:

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Paper 1 "Retention of Passivity on Iron After Several Months Atmospheric Exposure"
S.H. Zhang and S.B. Lyon

Paper 2 "The Activity Coefficient of Sodium Chloride in a Simulated Pore Solution Environment"
C.P. Atkins and J.D. Scantlebury

Paper 3 "Superposition of Diffusion and Chemical Reaction Controlled Limiting Currents - Application to CO2 Corrosion"
Srdjan Nesic, B.F.M. Pots, John Postlethwaite and Nicolas Thevenot

Paper 4 "An Electrochemical Investigation of the Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum Alloy AA5052 in Methanolic Solutions"
L. A. Pawlick and R. G. Kelly

Paper 5 "Modification of the Crevice Corrosion Behaviour of Al7175 Alloy by Surface Alloying"
M.G.S. Ferreira and R.Li

Paper 6 "A Neural Network Model for CO2 Corrosion of Carbon Steel"
Srdjan Nesic and Miran Vrhovac

Paper 7 "Stochastic Kinetics of Corrosion and Fractal Surface Evolution"
W. M. Mullins, E. J. Shumaker and G. J. Tyler

Paper 8 "Polyaniline as a possible inhibitor for the corrosion of mild steel"
M.M. Attar and J.D.Scantlebury

Paper 9 "Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance of New Austenitic-Ferritic Steels"
Halyna Chumalo

Paper 10 "The Preliminary Study for the Interpretation of Electrochemical Noise with Continuous Wavelet Transform"
Ding Hong-bo, Pan Zhong-xiao, Yu Xing-zeng, Zheng Fu-yang and Renato Seeber

Paper 11 "Interpreting Electrochemical Noise Resistance as a Statistical Linear Polarisation Resistance"
Yong-Jun Tan

Paper 12 "Laboratory Study of Corrosion Effect of Dimethyl-Mercury on Natural Gas Processing Equipment"
S. Wongkasemjit and A. Wasantakorn

Paper 13 "A Preliminary Study on the Mechanism of A Passive Metal Corrosion System Using "Stochastic Resonance" Theory"
Ding Hongbo, Pan Zhongxiao, Lin Changjian and Renato Seeber

Paper 14 "Tarnish Process of Silver in 100ppb H2S Containing Environments"
H. Kim and J.H. Payer

Paper 15 "Scientific Engineering of Anti-Corrosion Coating Systems based on Organic Metals (Polyaniline)"
Bernhard Wessling

Paper 16 "A Study on Stochastic Resonance for the Process of Active-passive Transition of Iron in Sulfuric Acid"
Ding Hongbo, Pan Zhongxiao and Renato Seeber

Paper 17 "A Novel Crevice Corrosion Experiment Using A Wire Beam Electrode"
Yong-Jun Tan

Paper 18 "Influence of Aluminium Additions on the Rate of Oxidation of Iron-Chromium Alloys"
S.E. Sadique, M.A.H. Mollah, M.M. Ali, M.M. Haque, S. Basri, M. M. H. M. Ahmad and S.M. Sapuan