Volume 14:

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Preprint 1 "Effect of Microstructure on Corrosion Resistance of Pipelines Steels Buried"
Souad Brick Chaouche, Azzedine Lounis and Ghania Nezzal
Preprint 4 "Study of electrochemical hydrogen permeation in iron"
E.Fallahmohammadi, A.Dolati, L.Lazzari, F.Bolzoni
Preprint 5 "Corrosion characteristics of vapour phase inhibitors for mild steel under different atmospheric condition"
Harish Kumar and Vishal Saini
Paper 7 "Inhibition of Corrosion of Iron in Nitric Acid Solutions by 3-Phenylazolawsone Derivatives"
D.B. Patil and A.R. Sharma
Preprint 10 "Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Cetrizine on Mild Steel in 1M H2SO4"
R. S. Dubey, Keshavkumar U. Singh
Preprint 12 "Corrosion Behaviour of Mild Steel in Acid Solutions with S-AITO"
V. Chandrasekaran
Preprint 14 " Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in sea water by 2- Furaldehyde"
Pravin Kumar Kar
Preprint 16 "Electrochemical impedance Characterization of electroinitiated Acrylic Co-polymers"
Duraisamy Ramesh and Ghebray Asgedom
Preprint 19 "Studies on Hot Corrosion Reactions Involving Nickel Oxide and Sodium Chloride in Cl2 (g) Environment at 1100 and1200K"
S. Khalid. Hasan ands M. Mobin
Preprint 22 "Influence of Malonic Acid on SCC Behaviour of Anodic Coated Al-Alloys 1050"
P. Spathis, E. Papastergiadis
Preprint 23 "Investigation of Anticorrosive Property of Henna Extract for N80 API Steel in Regular Mud Acid (HCl/HF 12/3 %)"
R. Abdollahi, S.R. Shadizadeh
Preprint 24 "Neural network analysis for sacrificial cathodic protection of steel embedded in concrete "
ThirumalaiParthiban, R.Ravi, G.T.Parthiban, N.Palaniswamy and V.Sivan
Preprint 27 "Corrosion Behavior of Mild Steel in Different Biodiesel Resources"
V.N.Meena Devi, P.Nagendra Prasad, L.Arul Mary Syndia, M.RajaKohila and V. N. Ariharan
Preprint 28 "Corrosion inhibition behavior of Gum Acacia as natural occurring polymer for mild steel and synergistic effect of halide ions in H2SO4 medium"
Himanshu Shekhar Shukla, Nilesh Haldar and Gopinatham Udaybhanu
Basim O. Hasan and Marwa F. Abdul-Jabbar
Preprint 34 "Elaeis Guiniensis Exudates (Palm Wine) as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acidic Solution."
S.C Nwigbo, V. Okafor and A.O Okewale
Preprint 36 "Corrosion inhibition of bronze, copper and iron in urban-marine media by 3-amino 1, 2, 4-triazol"
S. El Hajjaji*, N. Abid, N. Labjar, M. Serghini-Idrissi
Preprint 40 "Corrosion Damage Assessment and Numerical Modeling Assisted Design of the Cathodic Protection for a Dry Dock Serving Large Vessels in the Gulf of Mexico"
H Rivera, J. Canto, L. Martinzs de la Escalera, A. Godoy, L. Marinez, J. Padilla, L. De Silva
Preprint 41 "Formation of nanocrystalline surface for AISI 304 stainless steel and DIN ck15 carbon steel and its effect on corrosion and Wear corrosion resistance."
S. AmiriVala, C. Dehghanian
Preprint 42 "Examining the Effect of extracted humic acid on Gag pipe Corrosion in sea water"
Alireza Sardashti
Preprint 43 "Susceptibility of Pipeline Girth Welds to Hydrogen Embrittlement and Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking."
A. Forero, I.Bott, J.A. Ponciano.