Volume 4:

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Preprint 1 "Optimum Cathodic Protection Potential for High Strength Steels in Seawater"
C.Batt and M.J.Robinson
Preprint 2 "The Future for Sacrificial Anodes"
Bob Crundwell
Preprint 3 "Computational Modeling of Shipboard ICCP Systems"
V. G. DeGiorgi, E. Hogan, K. E. Lucas, S. A. Wimmer
Preprint 4 "Corrosion Behaviour Of Magnesium Sacrificial Anodes In Tap Water"
F. Di Gabriele and J. D. Scantlebury
Preprint 5 "Adverse effect of temperature on the operating-potential behaviour of Alâ???Znâ???In Anodes"
Kola Fagbayi and David Scantlebury
Paper 6 "Offshore Cathodic Protection. What We Have Learnt?"
D. Fairhurst
Paper 7 "Surprisingly Effective Cathodic Protection"
G. K. Glass and A. M. Hassanein
Preprint 8 "Novel Cathodic Protection of Subsea Flowlines and Risers"
Grant Gibson, Michael Walsh, and Stephen Wolfson
Preprint 9 "Cathodic Misconceptions"
C.G. Googan
Preprint 10 "A Comprehensive Review of the Slope Parameter Based Approach to Cathodic Protection Design and Analysis"
W.H. Hartt and D.K. Lysogorski
Preprint 11 "A First-Principles Based Approach to Potential Attenuation Projection for Marine Pipelines and Risers"
W.H. Hartt and D.K. Lysogorski
Preprint 12 "Effect of Applied Current on Moisture Distribution in Cementitious Materials"
L C Jordan and C L Page
Preprint 13 "A review of galvanic anode cathodic protection design procedure"
A. Meillier
Preprint 14 "Short-Term Assessment of Chromate Films on Zinc and Zinc-Nickel Alloy Coatings"
V.G.Roev, E.Y.Matykina and R.A.Kaidrikov
Preprint 15 "Advanced Systems Of Overline Assessment Of Coatings And Cathodic Protection"
Brian S. Wyatt
Preprint 16 "AC Induced Corrosion - Summary of AC Corrosion Cases"
Dae Kyeong Kim, Jeong Hyo Bae and David Scantlebury