Volume 20:

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Preprint 7 "The inhibitive action of eco-friendly compound on the corrosion of mild steel in brine water"
S.Karthikeyan, P.A.Jeeva, R.Dinakaran, S.Narayanan
Preprint 8 "Retardation of Stainless steel 314 dissolution in acidic medium"
S.Karthikeyan, P.A.Jeeva, K.Raja
Preprint 10 "Hydrogen permeation studies on the corrosion of stainless steel in acid medium using an eco-friendly inhibitor"
S. Karthikeyan, P.A.Jeeva, G.Sundaramali
Preprint 14 "Inhibition Corrosion by Liquorices"
M. Koolivand_Salooki, M. Esfandyari*, M.Koulivand
E.L.Harish and S.Karthikeyan
Preprint 36 "Investigation on power aspects in impressed current cathodic protection system"
Caneon Kurien and Ajay Kumar Srivastava
Preprint 44 "Peculiarities of surface interaction of Al+REM alloys with air and water"
Akashev L.A., Popov N.A., Shevchenko V.G., Grigorov I.G.
Preprint 64 "Studies on the green inhibition of steel corrosion in acid medium"
S.Karthikeyan , P.A.Jeeva , K.Raja
Preprint 65 "An investigation on the corrosion Zinc sheet in battery electrolytes"
S.Karthikeyan, R.Dinakaran
Preprint 66 "The influence of green inhibitor on the corrosion of anodized aluminium surfaces "
K.Raja, P.A.Jeeva, S.Karthikeyan
Preprint 68 "Corrosion Inhibition Properties of Dioctyl Phthalate on Mild Steel in 0.5 M Sulphuric Acid Medium"
Michael Emmanuel, Bethrand T. Nwufo and Mbanefo M. Ekwenchi
Preprint 70 "Failure Pressure Analysis of the Head of Three-Phase Separator with Inner Corrosion Defect "
Z. Liang, Y. Xiao and J. Zhang
Preprint 71 "Residual strength analysis of steel pipeline with inner and outer defects"
C.J. Han, S.S. Tan, C. Yu and J. Zhang
Preprint 72 "Residual Strength Analysis of Three-phase Separator Containing Corrosion Defects in Service"
C.J. Han, R. Xie, Y. Xiao and J. Zhang
Preprint 74 "Residual Strength Prediction Model for Corroded Oil Tube based on FEM and Artificial Neural Network"
M. Y. Xia, H. Zhang
Preprint 78 "Inhibitory Effects of Delonix regia(Gulmohor) extract on Corrosion of Aluminium in Hydrochloric Acid"
N. I. Prajapati and R. T. Vashi
Paper 84 "An experimental and theoretical investigation of the influence of surface roughness on corrosion in CO2 environments"
Mohammed Al-Khateeb, Richard Barker, Anne Neville, Harvey Thompson
Preprint 87 "High temperature Oxidation and hot corrosion behaviors of uncoated and detonation gun sprayed Cr3C2-25NiCr coating on SA516 boiler steel at 800°C"
Anil Kumar, Vivek Srivastava and N.K. Mishra
Paper 90 "The impact of design on material corrosion: An illustrative example"
M. Victoria Biezma and Diego Agudo
Preprint 96 "Synergistic effect and statistical model of terminalia avicennioides as anti-corrosion inhibitor of steel pipelines in acidic environment"
I. Y. Suleiman,M. Z. Sirajo, T. A. Mohammed, Rufai Suleiman Ochu
Preprint 101 "The Influence of TiN-Sputtering on Hardness and Corrosion Rate of AISI 304 for Biomaterials Application"
H.P. Priyambodo, V. Malau, P.T. Iswanto, T. Sujitno and Suprapto.
Preprint 103 "Study of AC Interference Corrosion: Advanced Electrochemical Tests and Mitigation with Novel Simulations"
Fatiha BABAGHAYOU, Boubakeur ZEGNINI and Tahar SEGHIER