Volume 21:

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Preprint 16 "Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel by using Banana Peel Extract"
C. Bala Manikandan, S.Balamurugan, P.Balamurugan, C.Thanga Priya
Preprint 18 "An Apparatus for the Study of Corrosion and Tribocorrosion of Metals Induced by the Flow of Highly Turbulent Aqueous Solutions"
R.W. Hendricks, P.K.Todoroff, R.C. Taylor, W.C. Wenger and E.A. Cothron
Halyna Chumalo, Mykhajlo Student, Bohdan Datsko, Yevhen Kharchenko
Preprint 34 "Electrochemical analysis of H2S Corrosion on 13% Chromium Stainless Steel"
Mohammed Abdul Rahman, John Shirokoff
Preprint 36 "Effect of Welding Parameters on Corrosion Behavior of Dissimilar Weld joints of Al5052 and Galvanized mild steel"
Shaik Shajahan, Swati Ghosh Acharyya
Preprint 38 "Electrochemical impendence study of an AL 1100 /SiC Nano composite immersed in 3.5 wt. % sodium chloride"
Vishwa Prakash and Pruthviraj.R.D.
Preprint 51 "Strength Analysis of the In-car GNG Cylinder with an Inner Corrosion Defect in Service"
Z.Liang,Y.Xiao and L.Y.Cui.
Preprint 53 "High temperature corrosion behavior of bare and detonation gun sprayed Cr3C2-25NiCr coating on SA-213 boiler steel in air and salt environments at 8000C"
Anil Kumar, Vivek Srivastava, N.K. Mishra
Preprint 64 "Effect of Ellipsoidal Corrosion Pits on Residual Strength of CNG Gas Tank "
Yang Hu,Jie Zhang,Jianlin Hu,Bo Xu
Preprint 65 "Corrosion inhibition of carbon mild steel by nanobased-Senna auriculata flower extract in 1M sulphuric acid: Electrochemical and Surface Analytical Studies"
B. Gowri Shannkari, C.Meenakshi and R. SayeeKannan
Preprint 68 "Analysis of Corrosion Inhibition in Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys in 3.5% NaCl Solution Using Polarization Resistance and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)"
FX.A. Wahyudianto, M.N. Ilman, P.T. Iswanto and Kusmono
Preprint 69 "Influence of surface treatment on corrosion and other electrochemical properties of titanium"
J. Hlinka, S. Lasek, R. Chlebus