Volume 9:

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Preprint 1 "Expert 3D software simulations compared with experimental data for the interference between a cathodically protected underground storage tank (UST) and a concrete foundation"
B. Van den Bossche, M. Purcar, L. Bortels, A. Dorochenko and J. Deconinck
Preprint 2 "The use of dedicated simulation software for the design of the cathodic protection of underground pipeline networks"
L. Bortels, B. Van den Bossche, A. Dorochenko and J. Deconinck
Preprint 3 "The Effect of Surface Films on Cathodic Protection"
S.S. Leeds and R.A. Cottis
Preprint 4 "Cathodic Protection, Coatings, and the NACE External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) RP 0502-2002"
J M Leeds
Preprint 5 "Some advantages of pulse, compared to conventional cathodic protection in reinforced concrete"
D.A. Koleva, K. van Breugel, J.H.W. de Wit, J.Hu and A.L.A. Fraaij
Preprint 6 "How Instant is Instant?"
Preprint 7 "The electrochemical performance of flame sprayed and high velocity oxy-fuel sprayed aluminium coatings in simulated splash zone service conditions"
Iqbal Hussain, David Scantlebury and David Fairhurst
Preprint 8 "The slope parameter approach to galvanic anode cathodic protection design with application to marine structures"
William H. Hartt
Preprint 9 "The potential effect in cathodic disbondment of buried pipelines with aged and high performance coatings"
D.S. de Freitas, S.L.D.C.Brasil, W.Baptista, J.C.F.Telles, J.A.F.Santiago and J.H.L.Oliver
Preprint 10 "Pit realkalisation and its role in the electrochemical repair of reinforced concrete"
G.K. Glass, N. Davison and A. C. Roberts
Preprint 11 "Overview of cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures bymeans of thermally sprayed zinc layers ΓΆβ?¬β?? a proven CP system"
Dae-Kyeong Kim, J.D.Scantlebury, Srinivasan Muralidharan, Tae-Hyun Ha, Jeong-Hyo Bae, Yoon-Cheol Ha and Hyun-Goo Lee
Preprint 12 "AC corrosion of mild steel in marine environments and the effects ofcathodic protection"
Dae-Kyeong Kim, J.D.Scantlebury, Srinivasan Muralidharan, Tae-Hyun Ha, Jeong-Hyo Bae, Yoon-Cheol Ha and Hyun-Goo Lee
Preprint 13 "Estimation of consumption of a sacrificial anode from cathode potential in a seawater environment"
Yoshikazu Miyata, Toru Wakabayashi, Noriyasu Mochizuki and Hidenori Hamada
Preprint 14 "Short history of cathodic protection for fixed offshore structures"
Mahmood AliofKhazraei
Preprint 15 "The application of impressed current cathodic protection to historic listed reinforced concrete and steel framed structures"
J. P. Broomfield
Preprint 16 "Validation of Cathodic Protection designs using computer simulation"
Ernesto Santana-Diaz, Robert Adey
Preprint 17 "Low signature impressed current cathodic protection - new developments - future concepts"
Barry Torrance