Volume 15:

Please note that papers are published in preprint form as PDF files while they are being refereed. Papers may also be published in preprint form when they have been submitted to other Journals. In either case readers should appreciate that a preprint is not a formal publication, and it should not normally be referenced until the final paper has been published. In order to read the preprints and papers you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat reader (or an equivalent program) installed on your system; you can obtain this from the Adobe Web site.

Preprint 6 "Pitting Corrosion Susceptibility of AISI 301 Stainless Steel in Chloride Environments"
"S.C. Ikpeseni1 and B.O Onyekpe2"

Preprint 7 "Electrodeposited Ni-Mo‚??TiO2 Nanocomposite Coating with High Resistance to Corrosion in Nitric Acid Solution"
M.H. Allahyarzadeh, B. Roozbehani, A. Ashrafi, M. Mohammadi

Preprint 8 "Metastable Pitting Corrosion in 316LN Stainless Steel Using Electrochemical Noise Analysis"
M.G. Pujar and U. Kamachi Mudali

Preprint 9 "Corrosion Inhibition of Medium Carbon Steel in Sea Water by Water Hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes) Leaves Extract"
Oloruntoba, Daniel.T., Abbas, Jenny A. and Olusegun, Sunday J.

Preprint 12 "Corrosion Inhibition Performance with the Presence of Iron Carbonate Film in CO2 Saturated Brine Solution"
Sarini Mat Yaakob, Mokhtar Che Ismail

Preprint 15 "Corrosion Behaviour of Thermomechanically Processed AA6063-SiCp Composites in NaCl and H2SO4 Environment"
M. O. Bodunrin, K. K. Alaneme, S. J. Olusegun

Paper 18 "The inhibition action of Formazan Derivatives on the corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid medium"
B. Anand, M.Jayandran, V.Balasubramanian

Preprint 19 "Corrosion Studies on Silver coated Second Surface Mirror Reflectors for Parabolic Trough collectors"
Y. Raja Sekhar, S.Angel Jeba, J. Premjit Daniel

Preprint 29 "Use of Coulometry to Assess the Protective Effect of Inhibitors "
Alexander Kuzmak, Alexander Kozheurov, Larissa Frolova

Preprint 30 "Evolution of the role of electrochemistry in corrosion engineering"
Pier Luigi Bonora, Agnieszka Krolikowska

Preprint 31 "Effect of Chemical Composition on Uniform and Pitting Corrosion of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Ferritic Steels"
M.G. Pujar, T. Sakthivel, U. Kamachi Mudali and K. Laha

Preprint 32 "EIS Monitoring of Electrochemical Behavior of 304L Stainless Steel during Immersion in a diluted Nitric Acid Solution "
N. Jahangiri, A.G. Raraz, J.E. Indacochea and S.M. McDeavitt

Preprint 35 "Influence of 1% tin on the corrosion behaviour of Cu-30Zn brass in sulphide polluted 3.5% NaCl solution"
M. Ghadamyari, M.H. Moayed, A. Davoodi

Preprint 36 "The investigation on the corrosion inhibition of the mild steel by the three new hepta dentate thio Schiff bases in hydrochloric acid solution"
M. Behpour*, S.M. Ghoreishi, E. Rajaei, N. Mohammadi, M. Hamadanian, M. Salavati-Niasari

Preprint 37 "Anodic Polarization Behaviour of Nickel-Based Alloys in Neutral and Very Acidic Solutions"
Aezeden Mohamed, J. R. Cahoon, and W. F. Caley

Preprint 43 "Effect of Inorganic Additives on the Protection of Anodic Coated Al-Alloys against Corrosion and SCC"
P. Spathis and E. Papastergiadis