Volume 3:

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Paper 2 "Magnetic Measurements of the Response of Corrosion Activity within Aircraft Lap Joints to Accelerated Corrosion Testing"
Grant Skennerton, Afshin Abedi, Robert G. Kelly, and John P. Wikswo, Jr.
Paper 3 "The influence of carboxylic acids in sulphuric acid anodising solutions on the corrosion and SCC behaviour of Al-1050"
P. Spathis, E. Papastergiadis, G. Stalidis, G. Papanastasiou
Paper 4 "Simulation of Electrochemical Noise Due to Metastable Pitting"
R.A. Cottis
Paper 5 "The Protective Action of Organic Coatings on Steel: A Review"
David Greenfield and David Scantlebury
Paper 7 "Electrochemical and Corrosion Behaviour of Commercially and Analytically Pure Titanium in Alkaline Solutions"
J. Pjescic, S. Mentus, V. Komnenic and N. Blagojevic
Paper 8 "Corrosion Behaviour of Mo and Mo Containing and Mo Free Steels In Basic and Acidic Media "
Z. Misirlioglu, S.Uneri and M. L. Aksu
Paper 13 "Qualitative/Quantitative Model to Study the Deposition of Aluminium Nitride in Intensified Plasma Assisted Processing"
E. De Silva* and W. Ahmed
Paper 14 "The new principles of the building of equivalent circuits for the modeling of metal-film-corrosive environment systems."
A.A. Shagaev, O. E. Abolin and V.G. Danilov
Paper 15 "Evanescent Microwave Sensor Scanning for Detection of Sub-Coating Corrosion"
William C. Fitzgerald, Michael N. Davis, James L. Blackshire, John F. Maguire, and David B. Mast
Paper 21 "Inhibition of the Corrosion of Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid by (4-Amino-2-Methyl-5-Pyrimidyl Methylthio) Acetic Acid and its Precursor"
O.K. Abiola* and N.C. Oforka
Paper 22 "The modelling of a galvanic cell series-connected with an external pureresistance and the source of an arbitrary external polarization"
A.A. Shagaev
Paper 25 "Organic Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum in Sodium Hydroxide"
A.K. Maayta