Volume 5:

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Paper 1 "Atmospheric Corrosion of Metals"
Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab, Charles S. Bakheit, R.A. Siddiqui and Saleh M. Al-Alawi
Preprint 2 "Effect of Benzotriazole on Corrosion of Stainless Steel 302 in H2SO4 Solution"
M.A. Hosseini, S. Eftekhar
Paper 3 "Effects of Benzotriazole on the Localized Corrosion of Copper Nickel Alloys in Sulfide Polluted Salt Water"
N.K.Allam, E.A.Ashour, H.S.Hegazy and B.G.Ateya
Preprint 7 "Substituted ferrocenes: Synthesis and correlation of their electronic spectra with structure (LFER)"
E.A. Kassab, M.I. Marzouk and M. El-Hashash
Preprint 8 "Corrosion of Rotating Magnesium Electrode in Neutral Electrolytes"
C.O. Augustin and A.Cyril
Preprint 10 "The Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion in an Acidic Medium by Fruit Juice of Citrus Paradisi"
O.K. Abiola, N.C. Oforka, and E.E. Ebenso
Paper 11 "Cu redeposition and surface enrichment during the dissolution of Al-Cu alloy in 0.1 M HCl"
A.A. El Warraky, A.M. El-Aziz and Kh.A. Soliman
Preprint 12 "The Local Corrosion of Ni, Fe, Cr, AISI Stainless Steel and Mumetal in Sub- and Supercritical Aqueous Solutions"
V. Atanasova and J. P. Petitet
Preprint 13 "Erosion-Corrosion of Duplex Stainless Steel in Flowing Seawater Containing Sand Particles"
E.A.M. Hussain and M.J. Robinson
Preprint 14 "An insight into the mechanism of sludge formation in naphtha storage tank"
A. Rajasekar, S. Maruthamuthu, N. Muthukumar, S. Mohanan, P. Subramanian and N. Palaniswamy